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HBIS Chairman Meeting POSCO Chairman Jeong-Woo CHOI

In the morning of April 15, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met POSCO Chairman and CEO Jeong-Woo CHOI and discussed to deepen their strategic partnership and strengthen their cooperation in further processing and new industries. Mr.Yu Yong is attending the WSA Executive Committee Meeting and Board Meeting of WSA in Madrid, Spain. 

Yu Yong congratulated the new innovation POSCO had made under the leadership of Mr.Jeong-Woo CHOI and said led by the Strategic Cooperation Committee, the two companies had launched comprehensive communication in development strategic, technology, energy, environmental protection and raw material. He said Chinese economy and manufacturing industry are upgrading to focus more on structure optimization, high quality, technology innovation, energy efficiency, green and environmental protection, from the old mass in volume and high speed production. In the new reform, HBIS and POSCO have a lot of opportunities. HBIS is entering additional manufacturing, hydrogen energy, physical internet, AI robot market. HBIS hopes to work together with POSCO to win the new markets.

Mr. Jeong-Woo CHOI praised the excellent work Mr.Yu Yong had done as the chairman of Chinese Iron & Steel Association. He said, according to the development plan of HBIS and the Chinese automobile market, the partners could work more on high strength automobile strips and new energy automobile steel, electrical steel and new energy automobile battery material. To new industries, he agrees with HBIS strategy and POSCO also has invested heavily in hydrogen energy, big data, physical internet. More cooperation is indeed feasible.  

Mr.Yu Yong and Mr.Jeong-Woo CHOI will instruct their Strategic Cooperation Committees to implement their joint ventures and see the fruits fast.